Updater bug

Do not understand why is necessary the database updating several times,during the clean install of CIS.First,it updates itself during the installation process.Then prompts for restart.After restart the AV asks again for update,cause->
…it’s not updated ???
Then prompts for restart again ???

How many times i need to restart my pc?It’s awful.Sorry for these words,but it’s true.
LoL,it’s not updated even after the xxxxxx restart.->

And CIS doesn’t remember any of my saved configs,when i import them in. ??? ??? :o :o
It asks for any step again.Oh,no…
And updating again…

I have no that much time,just to update my av database.Please,people,fix this! :-\

Hi bequick, perhaps this is related to the issue below and why Comodo suspended the update service yesterday.

Thanks.I hope you’re right! :-TU

Apparently, the issue I was referring to has now been fixed. So, I recommend you give it another try & post again.

OK,but tomorrow.Now I go to bed :slight_smile:

I think it’s fixed:)))Just one restart and two time updates.
OOps,I lied.It prompts again for restart.Another update…
Well,it’s better than yesterday.I hope the updates are finished. ;D