Updated to the new version of Comodo MFW and the KAV HIPS gives me this.

While updating to yesterday I noticed that there was a new version of CMF. I Dled it as well. 1st the new version of CMF is loaded at startup. It says it’s running and the interface looks OK. I unstalled the older one 1st, Deleted all the folders that the uninstaller didn’t get. It seems there was still a folder in program files but it was pretty much empty. I checked the app data files and if I remember correctly there was only on CMF folder in the “all users” account. However since I DL and installed the new BOC and CMF, I’m getting this out of nowhere from KAV (or xp) I don’t know which as I had KAV open at the time it poped up. " Run32DLL - Bad Image. The application or DLL C:\windows\system32\CMFdll32 is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your windows installation diskette. In any event, I just uninstalled the new version of CMF following the same procedure as before, and reinstalled it again. I just wondered why, when the taskbar CMF icon says it’s still running, and the CMF GUI looks ok and it’s still listed in the windows task mgr as still running, is this run32DLL - bad image PU legit? Also Explorer.exe locked up a few times yesterday, after DLing Boc 4.26 and the new version of CMF, while surfing, and the only cure was a shutdown/restart. – Also do you need/have to/should your add aps to the CMF aps list or does “all the other applications” in the aps list cover everything? & should you just leave it at “all the other aps” w/o including anything else?

I suggest you try Exiting both CMF and BoClean beforeuninstalling and then installing the new version.

Sometimes the uninstaller leaves some files behind so it’s best to look in:

C:/Program Files/Comodo
C:/Documents and settings/all users/application data/comodo
c:/documents and settings/[username]/application data/comodo

And delete any CMF or BoClean directories leftover once you’ve uninstalled.

I also suggest running ccleaner or some such program to clean temp files and remove any invalid registry entries.

Reboot and then install the fresh new versions.



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