Updated: COMODO Antivirus 1.1.208026.103 BETA for MAC OS Released!

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce the availability of COMODO Antivirus 1.1 BETA for MAC.

What is CAV for MAC

CAV for MAC, as its name implies, an end-user antivirus product for MAC operating systems. It features:

  • Manual Antivirus scanning

  • Scheduled Antivirus scanning

  • Realtime virus scanning with stateful file inspection

  • And much more like CAV for windows.
    What’s New in 1.1?

  • This release addresses many issues related to antivirus engine’s stability

  • Native MAC OSx Drag n Drop support introduced in many places

What needs to be tested?
The purpose of this BETA is to assess the general quality of the product in real world scenarios.

Please do NOT use this product in your production machines as it might cause serious damage to your computer including irreversible data loss.

Supported Operating Systems:
MAC OSx 10.5 and 10.6 on Intel machines.

Download Location:
this release is obsolete. Final version canbe downloaded from http://download.Comodo.com/cis/download/installs/mac/CAVSetup.dmg.zip

Bug Reports:
Please feelfree to use the link below for reporting bugs:

Please use this thread for other feedback as well.

Edit: We have changed the link with the version(1.1.208026.103) with the one with MAC OSx Lion Support


excellent news guys!
Now MACs can be secure too thanks to Comodo :wink:


Congratulations with the release… (:CLP)

Good news to MAC users.
Will CIS aim at iPhone mobile security?

… and Android :). A Defense+ type product (inc. Antivirus) would be very welcomed on these platforms. Btw, congratulations on the beta release.


Android is coming soon too…

Excellent News!
iPhone and Android Mobile market growth rapidly.
Security issue were rised seriously.

I just want a firewall with popups in android xD

After install it asked to ‘reboot’ the MAC but it only did a shutdown, are more users having this feature?

I think the ‘mobile’ division needs a completely other way of security than the traditional AV world.

On the AV level one first has to detect ‘malicious’ behavior in what ever app is around there, with the current number of apps and the limited tests from certain app providers it’s impossible to protect your data based on signature stuff.

Mobile thingies need protection of user (privacy) data. So on every place where the device stores ‘user-data’ it needs to guard access to it.
Phonebook, Pictures, SMS/MMS, chat(logs), camera access, Geolocation, network access etc etc.

If it has stolen your data and hours/days/weeks later your ‘AV’ notifies your your already to late.

really great

(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

Congratulations Comodo team

with notification you have
LBE Privacy Guard

Droidwall is good also but without notification

2 good free apps without Ads

I’ve just got a Macbook Air so i’ll give this a try :slight_smile: Not many decent FREE AV programs for OSX yet .