Updated Commodo?

:comodorocks: I am new to commodo and the forums, but am keen on keeping up with The firewalls development as it is the best free one in tests and is getting better daily especially the Av part.However can anyone shed some light on the fact tht Ce Net have yesterday placed a new entry on their site and it appears that Commodo have come out of beta and launched their UPDATED firewall 3.58… is this true, as i cant find anythingbin the commodo forums!!.

Current Final Version: 3.5.57173.439

Current Beta Version: 3.5.61373.458 Beta

:-TUThanks mate, but if you go on Ce Nets download site and check the version no, its 3.5 55810.432. This is obviously lower than the current beta, so what do you think is going on here, or am i missing something?.

CNet is pushing an older stable version.

See release notes here,


(:CLP) cheers mate, i have just been on comodos website and the version i have been talking about was released on 18th november last year?. Dont quite understand why they do this, do you?.

Obviously, CNet is sleeping at the wheel… (:TNG)

if you want to be kept up to date, do not rely on third party websites… but stay tuned, here on the comodo forums! :wink:

filehippo.com still hosts CFP So the forums is best place to start, Even before they are released on the Comodo Website.