[UPDATED #2] Get a-squared Anti-Malware For Free Legally on Nov 11th!

EDIT: I decided not to make another topic for this, as it is for the same product.

Another Offer Coming Up Nov. 11th! - a-squared Anti-Malware 4.5 for free!

It is here! Get it today, before it is gone.

Older one...may not work now.

a-squared Anti-Malware For Free Legally!


Nice find :-TU Keep them coming :slight_smile:

I’m not so sure that using a German proxy to fool the system as to the location of the user exactly qualifies as “legally”.

not sure if these work, but anyway :

never mind


Err…some of those are one year old…and as they only get a 1 year license… :stuck_out_tongue:



Looks like when Windows 7 launched there are a lot of promotion like this most likely from software developer.

I wonder when they’re going to give CIS for free ;D


Lol…(I thought mods got the Pro version :P)

only if we want/need it, btw, why does it bother you so much that we get it ?


It doesn’t bother me…I was just kidding you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Guys,

That “proxy-trick” most likely doesn’t work anymore,

but the following will be legal :wink: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/order/24h/


Great offer there! Although I’ll still have 8 months left on my current licence I might as well grab a free extension. ;D

Personally I think I’d only ever use A2 on demand, I feel it’s quite resource hungry… Great scanner though,

Like me in the past.
I’ve install A2 free for my computer and others, That’s rarely scan and update…

But now I’m using A2 USB for only scan on infected computer.

Note. Sometime USB drive virus infected in A2 folder please recheck every time.

Hi Petit,

Why the infection would get into “A2 folder” specifically ???

I have my Portable Applications setup on iPod “Shuffle”
a-squared USB Software is there as well.
I would fire up the scan and then start VLC portable so I can listen to my mp3s from the same iPod :smiley: (I don’t like to be bored during the scan)

So why the infection, if any, will choose a2 folder, but not the root directory or Skype / PDF reader/ Open Office… or any other directory there?


I wanna meant some malware like Win32.Disabler or Win32.Flystudio it make a fake folder inside original folder.
For example You have folder name “A2” it will make a file “A2.exe” inside “A2” folder.
and that folder used icon like folder.


Win32.Disabler.xx and its variants creates entries in %home% ; %system%; %sysdir%
Win32.FlyStudio.xx and its variants can create entries in %temp% in addition to the above

There are no reports about creating a folder with .exe extension by the above infections despite, yes such thing exists…

But that is not the point – my point was - why a2 folder specifically was mentioned as a target of some alleged infection in this particular thread & topic


I meant “In remoable drive”.

Yes, I got that,

but my question remains… and you comments were completely offtopic…
… anyway let’s forget about it …