Comodo IS 6 update window pops up every 3minutes

Comodo is checks for updates every 5 minutes.

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Is this bug report similar to what you are experiencing?

Also, which operating system are you using and how often do you have CIS set to auto-update?


Are you talking about program updates or database updates?
Also, how can you tell it’s checking for updates that often?


I’ve merged these two topics together.

It stopped now.

How can I see, window pops up, when Comodo is updating.

These are my settings

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Please let me know if it starts again.

You may be experiencing a combination of two bugs. this one and this one. Luckily, both have already been reported.

That said, if you find that the problems start up again it would be very helpful if you could respond to the bug reports and provide any system information which may help the devs to find, and fix, the bugs.

Thank you.