When I go to update on Comodo Dragon (About Comodo Dragon) I sometimes get the message failed to update but I connected to internet all the time as I press on this button I get only on second time it’s up-to-date… Comodo ver 17.1 system WIN7… Apart from that no issues… Comodo Dragon rocks 8)

Similar problem here (

Clicking “About Comodo Dragon” always shows “Failed to download new version” message (probably refering to beta but weren’t they on seperate channels?).

Selecting “Retry” button resolves issue during session. Once CD is closed and re-opened, same problem.


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Please send us the “dragon_updater.exe” log file from %windir%\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder so we can analyse it.

Thank you.

Hi Blendea

I have since updated from to but still getting the same error. Please find attached log file as requested.


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The most likely cause of the problem is the update service doing a check while the internet connection is down (perhaps your internet connection is slow to connect at system startup and the service starts before this). Once this check is performed the update service writes a message in the system registry and goes to sleep for 30 minutes. Once it exits the sleep state it will perform another check and should update the message.

A fix for this problem will be included in the next Dragon release.
You can check if the message updates properly after at least 30 minutes since startup – Dragon does not have to be running during this time. Make sure your internet connection is stable during this time however.

When you open the “About” dialog Dragon reads the message the update service wrote in the system registry. Clicking the “Retry” button will perform a check but it will not do it through the update service. The message will not be updated in the system registry and the old message will be the same whenever you relaunch Dragon. This will happen until the message is updated by the service.

Thank you for your support