Just got a update to my firewall, I don’t see anything listed here but the version still remain the same

Export you firewall configuration (Miscellaneous > Manage My Configurations > Export > (Save current config).
Then uninstall with something like Revo. Download latest version of CIS and install (if you just want the firewall, uncheck the AV, etc.)
After you install go to Misc > Manage My Configurations > Import > (Saved Config.)


Okay I don’t understand what you are saying , I have version 3.5.57173.439 and that appear to be the latest, I said my program said updates were available and it updated to what I ask? thanks for the respond

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I’m saying you should probably do a reinstall. That is the procedure above. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much but why do a reinstall and its running fine, I was just curious why the update but if its nothiing then okay, maybe the malware portion was updating???

Do you have the COMODO Antivirus installed in your COMODO Internet Security Suite? When it notified you, did it have an icon that looked like a white shield with flames?

No, I installed just the Firewall with defense, I am using avast antivirus, I don’t remember it just show in the task as the updater to the firewall had in the past

It couldn’t have been malware updates then. It was most likely a program update, but seeing as you had the latest version, and it asked for you to update, is strange.

Go to Miscellaneous > Check for updates and see if any update is found. If not, I guess everything is okay.