last cav antivirus update was in friday.how many times in a week you give virus database updates?


There is no schedule, it just depends on when releases are made available from the developers.

Garry Bickerton
Head of Global Support and Customer Care Manager


I think Helen was asking about signature updates which takes place daily at least.
The programming updates (eg: ehancaments, features etc are as and when when the developers are ready).
Sometimes, if there is a virus outbreak, we will make an exception and do the signatures as soon as possible.


Greetings! (L)

A couple of days ago I installed CIS on my 2nd PC with Vista and I’ve noticed that the AV bases haven’t been updated yet (The date of AV base file = the date of installation). I see you may haven’t discovered serious threats yet and so no need in update.

Could you comment the fact that other AV vendors update AV bases at least daily (actually even frequently)?
Does this mean that CIS users are protected less than ones with frequent AV bases update?

Also could you explain where I can see the date of last AV bases update on CIS window?


Hi romb,
Can you please tell us what CIS version you installed?

After we released CIS on 24th Oct, 2008, we have made couple of updates since then.

Just wondering if you updated RC2 to CIS released version and if that’s the case you won’t get updates else there may be issue with AV updater not able to conenct to update server.

Please let me know, so we can troubleshoot further.


The last update was last night. Comodo IS only came out last week, don’t expect perfection just yet. :slight_smile:

Weirdly enough, the update came last night when Melih signed onto the forum for me :o

file CIS_Setup_3.5.53896.424_XP_Vista_x32.exe
product ver 3.5.53896.424

I haven’t updated RC2, i made a fresh installation (after crashing bitdefender, sure cleanup has been made too).
Also Comodo->Miscellaneous->Check for Updates-> “There are no updates available” :frowning:

Please tell me how to check the date of last AV bases update?
if the bases are bases.cav than that file was updated 2 days ago


You should have this one screenshot.

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i’m so sorry :slight_smile:

i haven’t any troubles on XP since have installed both firewall and AV, but on Vista i forgot to install AV.
Don’t beat me :slight_smile:

The prob is solved, thanks again.

Thank you for posting back it is nice to the problem is fixed.