Update to SMF 2 [merged topic]

Just logged in to find the Forum has been updated to SMF 2.0

Well done guys - looks so much better :-TU

+1 :-TU

The new design does not look bad.
But colors can be picked up better.
Everything is somehow gloomy. :-
Gray on a gray background.
Edit: How to see the PM? Where is the notification? The number my letters?

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Yep, the grey-on-grey is somewhat… dull.

PM’s: See “My Messages” & SMF’s Help. It’s all new to us (the mods) as well.

Yes you are right. Already eyes hurt.

I saw it. “My Messages”
But where there will be a notification and number my letters? (In old design it everything was displayed).
This option it is necessary to look constantly? :-
Edit: A smilies also were more informative. :slight_smile:

PM notifications are under Profile - Personal Message Options. I thought this was the same.

What do you mean by “number my letters”?

Pfft… I’m not sure about this one: :a0 an angel really? Looks like a smiley in flat cap to me. :o

On the old forum at the entrance to the forum to be seen by number my letters .
If there are new letters , it is immediately obvious .
Edit: I think it is? ( New) Screenshot

A smilies also were more informative
A smiley ???

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Yea, it’s different now. It now shows on the menu bar when you have a new message (see below).


Ok. kail
Thank you very much . :-TU

Mods/Admins, if you have any questions about any of the new SMF2 features, I could help answer your questions. I’m a Admin @ 2 other SMF2 forums and we’ve been running it since 2.0.2.

OK. Why on earth didn’t our Admin’s install the Stop Forum Spam (SFS) mod? Do they hate us or something? :wink:

The Orange is too much Orangy… Can This be put to something eye soothing, aahh it pricks…!!

It looks like it’s not fully compatible with SMF 2.0.6.


Also, you might want to inform the Admins to get the SMF copyright at the bottom of the forums fixed. It should look like this:

SMF 2.0.6 | SMF © 2013, Simple Machines

+1. I was thinking I’m at a wrong site LOL! Love it :-TU

If they had read the email about the recent upgrade, they would have realised that it was not compatible :frowning:

Considering we have approx. 200/300 a day not all will post though.


Good grief. No wonder they didn’t tell us! Thanks.

OK, will do. Thanks again.

O love it :slight_smile:

What a nice surprise to find when I arrived here today. :slight_smile:
Like the look very much. :-TU

You know we don’t hate you!! We’ll get it going shortly!