Update settings

Default setting is every 24 hours. What’s the minimum time setting. :-\

Six hours.

This, as well as the answer to many other questions can be found in the manual… (:KWL)

I’ve set up my updates to 6 hours and have as yet not received any updates.I’ve had Boclean installed since it was available for download…is this because there aren’t any or is it a case of Houston we have a problem?

I think we, or rather you, have a problem, as there have been a minimum of one or two database updates every day…

Mine says: Last Update: 2007-04-28 15.41.10 (UTC)

What does yours say, and what version of Windows are you running?

… also, BC uses passive FTP download instead of the more conventional HTTP method, and your firewall may refuse to allow the program to connect unless you set rules to permit the BOClean autoupdate program to connect to the FTP site.