Update Questions

Hi newbie here, loving CIS, Thanks for the free version!

I recently installed v.3.13 over v.3.12 and was wondering if I am getting my AV and FW updates as I should? I know it’s the holidays and all, but I am used to getting updates almost every day when I was using other brands.

I prefer to manually update, but for the past week, when I click on both update AV and the Check for Updates link in CIS, it says I have the latest. I currently have Virus Signature 3381, is that the latest one?

I looked at another thread here in this forum and saw that there is another update that looks like it came out Dec 23? and is a later version number? btw - my bases.cav (in progra~/comodo/scanner seems to be from 12/26 (tonight), hmm, yet I do not have Check for Automatic Updates ticked.

Also, if I may suggest a feature fix? When You click on Update link (any), on the Summary page of CIS, it changes “The Virus database has been updated on:” whatever that exact date and time is the link was clicked, whether an update has occurred or not. This is misleading to an end-user who would look at that think every time they click Update it is successful updated, when it was nothing was actually updated at all.

(using XP Pro 32 bit SP2 btw)


it is now version 3382 so if your updates are working you schould have gotten that around 11:00 or so

Yes, it is now 3382! Thank you. ;D