update problems

The first time I used a Comodo product was the firewall. Anyway, talk about a quirky firewall.

The permission windows drove me so crazy I finally uninstalled it. And I also tried the Secure

Email… impossible! Now, upon the recommendation of a friend, I am trying the Comodo System

Cleaner (strange why its not listed on Download Internet Security Products for PC Protection along with

the other programs with the huge advertising Icons but is found only on a list on the top of the

page directing one to another page: http://www.comodo.com/home/support-maintenance/computer-

support.php). Well, everything worked well until I tried to download the update of the newest

version of the product, which I was advised to do on the main window when I clicked "Check for

Updates". After it was downloaded, I get a message window with three options:

  1. Upgrade or Repair
  2. Remove
  3. Close this Wizard… which is set as the DEFAULT!!! Why? If one is upgrading, why not have

the default set to “Upgrade or Repair”?

Of course being not as enlightened as the people who write in these forums, I just clicked

“Next”. Which of course, was wrong. Then, A window said I could use the installer later at any

time, but where is the installer, and how does one install it later? No information, and I

couldn’t figure it out. Again, it’s the same like so much of the computer software designed

today: either these people don’t use what they design (or so it seems… like taking car

designers 25 years to put in coffee cup holders although most everyone drinks coffee…or tea),

or they are so advanced, they leave everyone else behind.

so I finally tried to just download the newest version from the Comodo website. Well, I did this

twice. After installation, I clicked onto the Comodo icon to start the program. I click onto the

“Check for Updates” again just to see if there was a last minute update, and nothing happens,

and nothing works. well, what is happening is that Comodo is silently waiting to begin the

updates on your system, but doesn’t tell you it is doing that… at least for about 1 minute

after the main window is opened. Then an information windows opens to tell you what programs are

being updated. So what happens next, Comodo asks me AGAIN to download the same update!

And then, when finally, everything is updated and works, it forces me to create a Restore Point.

but what does the software do, it just sits there silently, not saying anything waiting until

the “clean my computer” icon changes from gray to blue. (?)

Really, I think all this software is too user-UNfriendly for the average user, at least what I

have tried. I get none of this time-wasting nonsense using, say, Advanced System Care, or

Ashampoo WinOptomizer. Why does a simple update of a new version have to be so difficult,

Comodo??? I am very appreciative of all the free software but we also understand it is a ploy

to buy the pro versions. But if the free versions have these quirks, what is the incentive to

buy a paid program from you, Comodo?

Actually CSC has two update features. When you open CSC it will try to update the programs list from CSC database. For e.g. if a new support of Opera 10 history delete is released for version 2.xx.xxx.7 that will get updated.

But, that does not check whether there is any update for CSC itself (i.e. new version check from 2.xx.xxx.7 to 2.xx.xxx.8). The version check is to be done manually by clicking ‘check for updates’.

When a new update it available, at present CSC is designed in such a manner, as pointed out by you also, it has three options of ‘upgrade/Repair’ ‘Remove’ and ‘Close the wizard’. Actually the upgrade triggers the update feature of the current installation. Like if you have 2.xx.xxx.6 and you want to update to .7, the uninstaller of .6 will pop up. The default option is at close this wizard, probably to avoid people clicking it ‘inadvertently’ through their on installer using programs-comodo.

When you upgrade to .7 the new installer actually uninstalls the old version and installs the new version. Some users have pointed this out as a wrong practice and I am sure CSC developers are also aware of it and they may take appropriate decision in the matter (or may be they have a reason to do it the way CSC works - which I don’t know!)

Hope this information helps

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