Update problems

There was a Launchpad update yesterday i think(?), and it caused a lot of problems…
After the update and a reboot, there was a Powerpoint icon on the desktop?! :o
The desktop preferences window was open?! ???
The autostart with windows was enabled in Launchpad. I unchecked the autostart and rebooted.
Now it was almost normal, except that Launchpad still autostarted, so i unchecked the autostart box again and rebooted… still autostart… did the same again, and now it worked…
I do have a new problem though… CPF doesn’t autostart… ??? I have to manually start it…
cmdagent.exe starts, but not cpf.exe… any ideas?

Pull the string man! vrooomm. :wink:


If still having trouble , see the attached.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Nice button… i just pushed it, and my problem was resolved… ;D
Well, close to anyway… ::slight_smile:
I just had to make a restore with BackOnTrack… ;D