Update problem

Hi -

CD 15, trying to install an available update. When time to run the .exe, get an error window pop up that says: NSIS Error, Error launching installer.

Windows XP, SP3

Hi NCSteve,
Is the update for CD itself or are you trying to update something else via CD?

Hi Cap’n -

It’s for CD its ownself. Sorry that wasn’t clear.

Hi NCSteve,
It sounds like an incomplete or corrupt update download, I would try deleting browsing history/cookies etc and cleaning user temp files Documents and settings/Username/local settings/Temp then try again.

If that fails a fresh install might be the answer.
Download here.

Note: Version is the latest.

Is Dragon closed while installation is in process?

Siketa and Captainsticks -

When I first tried to update, the prompt to close CD during update was never shown to me.

I downloaded the latest, closed CD, and updated.

I’m now at

Many thanks

Hi NCSteve,
Glad all is working now, Siketas point about it being closed is a good point because I do remember this happening in the past where you don’t get prompted to do so like you should.