Update okay but....

I am not able to resize the window when I open the application.

I don’t see that anyone here has asked this question. Might sound silly to some but I am only able to see the small default sized window or maximize via upper right box in IE6. I have a 24" monitor and don’t want a window open that size. Something in the middle would be great. I was able to resize the window previously. The arrows do not appear to allow me to change the size.

Can someone help.

BTW, automatic update did not work for me. I did the update manually and all went fine and I have no issues. Thanks.

Diane P.

Ditto Diane,

I only have 19 inches and don’t max my appz. I was waiting for someone to bring up resizing.

There was some problems with this, but the problems is solved


OK, the resize was disabled on purpose by Comodo when they released the beta. They had just written a new GUI (removing IE) & the screen apparently flickered when it was resized. So, they disabled it until they fixed it. But, you can always run the CPF screen Maximized… I think this probably gives you what you want (until Comodo have fixed the flickering problem).