Update Notifier

It would be nice if one could be developed. I know there’s already some out there (such as SUMo and UpdateStar), but they don’t work that well. Basically, SUMo doesn’t have a scheduler and UpdateStar looks too fancy (plus its not good since it gets the new versions of programs wrong or gets them mixed up).

If I understood you right, we already have one in beta : Comodo Vulnerability Analizer. Search a bit on the forum. I’m sure you’ll find it.


You can find information on Comodo Vulnerability Analyser (CVA) in the following part of the forum:
Comodo Vulnerability Analyser


It just checks for updates to fix vulnerabilities that the user’s applications have. I would like one that checks for updates in general.

No it doesn’t; it checks both. Have you tried it yet? Since it’s still beta, don’t expect its database to be large yet.

Man why don’t you take RadarSync, as it does exactly such update, and it’s free… enjoy… Seriously, Comodo shld license radarSync and that’s it, end of story.