UPDATE not Working!!!!!!!!!!!

After several times of UPDATING my AV [CIS 3.12.111745.560] it seems updates after restarting my PC is Not Loaded to my CIS I reformatted my PC twice and installed fresh copy of CIS many times but still… Updates doesn’t working / loaded successfully. after Booting my PC again and again, it always update and restarting my PC and Update and Restarting my PC and nothings happens… Huh! what a time consuming men… after updates and Restarts Summary indicates “THE VIRUS SIGNATURE IS NOT UP TO DATE” to be honest this version of CIS has another bugs and I’m going to post it once this problem I brought to you Guys will be solve…

ACS M’Board
XP - SP2
512 & 256 DDR 400 RAM

*Windows Firewall

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Yes, this is a known issue. At least to users. I’ve seen no comment on the behavior from the developers.

When you restart and get the not up to date message, just leave it and it should sort itself out on the next automatic update. (30 minutes or so)


Can you please try this FAQ here to see if that is a workaround for your problem?


This is the typical sequence we see in CIS:

  1. Install CIS aftersh, interface will show “Never Updated”
  2. Click on this link and it starts updating and asks to re-start system after update has been downloaded.
  3. Upon system re-start , you get latest complete base version i.e. V2895 at the time of testing for this as of latest.
  4. For few minutes GUI shows “Never Updated”. After few minutes you see “being updated now…” and then finally latest update time stamp and we don’t see any system re-start case like you have described.

Can you please elaborate exact sequence here?


After I reformatted my PC and continue to receive a successful updates all in all for about almost 2-monthts, the problem came along that’s why I decided to format again my PC and after installing a fresh CIS, it updates automatically but it worst… after a series of restarts for about a day, it is always updating and updating and requires a restart the whole day… that’s why a install another fresh CIS but stil up to now, problem exist… the question is, why is that for almost 2-months and a fresh installation now, I encountered the same problem?

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Okey. . I had a 2G and 3G CELL SITE outages to troubleshoot. Once I got home after work, I’ll try.

UNSOLVED case up to now…

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Are you saying you can’t download the full database…

Hi Ronny",)

CIS can download and after restarts done, CIS is updating again and again and again the whole day!

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Did you follow the procedure in that FAQ ?

Download the file, boot safe-mode, rename/move bases.cav rename downloaded file etc?

I’m planning to reformat my PC again with unconditional format. and install CIS in Partition-D.

Thanks Ronny",)

I’m not sure if i would install CIS in a non default location though… If it was mine I’d leave it default…

Malwares usually attack Drive-C if you have 2-Partitions that’s why for almost a years, I practice to used CIS on Drive-D. Well, I have another problem to brought out here after I reformat my PC. anyway, THANK YOU RONNY… Hmmm… before I forget, as I observed my PC starts slow when CIS installed in Drive-C and when I installed it on Drive-D, my PC speeds up on booting.

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When attempting to update, I get error 106 “no internet connection.” Obviously, I would not be able to post here if I had no internet connection. Update does not work when scheduled and does not work manually. :-TD