Update /New Protection Settings/ and Import

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First thanks and congratulations to development team for CIS 3.5.53896.424 :-TU

I installed Firewall only (no AV, surfsafe/ask, etc), and the option was #3. maximum … Proactive with a Defense+

My question is regarding the discussion about update in
I started new thread because the referred one has discussions about AV too but I thought it is right to have one just about Firewall.

5 - Can I import my previous configurations into this version? [b]Yes.[/b]
But the real answer turned to be No according to some confusions and concussions by several users
… understand that a clean install is recommended but, by importing the old CFP rules into CIS we are going to lose some type of Default Settings created in CIS?! …bringing the CFP settings into CIS would change some settings and not give us the full intended protection that was developed in CIS?!

1) If that is TRUE - it would be very nice and extremely helpful to make special separate announcement about such important matter;
2) Since a lot of work was done in v3 and settings were Exported is it any chance of fixing that in the nearest future so those saved & waiting settings could be reapplied?
I wouldn’t mind either way the update or clean reinstall again.

If the fix is not planned - please tell us as well so we can be polite and say Goodbye to those settings because they served us quite well :slight_smile:

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Hi • ,

First, thank you for quick reply.
I am very glad that you found workaround. And I understand what you are saying.
But honestly, not all users can and should be experienced enough. Since the feature of Exporting/Importing exists that should be the only way to do the job for most (if not all) users.
I do understand that the new version is fresh and needs fine tuning.
My point was - if something is not working according to the rules it must be said openly, so users know the implications. Loosing some settings silently is unacceptable.
Then the same way openly it should be stated whether developers are going to fix that or not.
I would accept hearing: “No, we will leave it like that so start from the beginning if you don’t want to loose new /fixed settings”… but we have to know that.
That was the point of my post.

Sorry for the delayed reply. I was uninstalling CIS and downgrading to because I was completely blocked out from Internet without any warnings after several hours of work with new version… but that is a matter of separate request.

Thanks again

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