Update loop

I have a strange update loop for a few days.

  1. CPF gives a popup message, that there is an update
  2. Yes…I want to download
  3. There is no message that I should restart (I restarted for the first 2 times)
  4. I get this update message a few times a day again.

The version of CPF says

That is odd. Since is the latest release version available via the CPF Update. Assuming you already have (do you?), I’m not sure why CPF thinks there is an update available (because there isn’t).

The Update function within the CPF betas is disabled. So, it can’t be that.

(:SAD) I have the same problem, it continually wants to update. I have v 1.1.05. This started happening about 9/1/06

Any help?

I don’t relish removing and reinstalling and relearning


Hi and welcome,

This is a bug. You need to download the latest version ( from www.personalfirewall.comodo.com then uninstall your existing version and reinstall.

Version is the launchpad version not the firewall version, right click the system icon>>select ‘comodo firewall’ then select ‘open’>>select ‘about’ to see the version number.