Update issue

WinXP Pro 32 bit

Full CIS protection - SAFE modes

Dragon asks if i want to update

I say yes and the download begins

Download finishes, I close dragon and click RUN

Installer not recognised but no changes have been made to the system AT ALL since recent reinstall of XP

Open Dragon to look at Downloads

No update on the download list

Could someone please tell me the update procedure when this happens?

You can try this. Go to main page on Comodo site for new download of CD and download it into your Download folder. Then run that file. That should give you the latest edition.

Like you, we have the same trouble when updating.

Thanks. That worked. I guess that I should have thought laterally instead of literally (expecting links to work correctly).

Interesting that you were the only one to offer any assistance and nothing from the big C people.

Again, my thanks.

Yes, I had the same problem. Tried a dozen times to update from the prompt, all failed.

Read the twins suggestion, downloaded from main page, and it worked!

Many thanks twins!!