Update info and phishing mail

Hello where can i find information wich signatures are added to the database and shows comodo on their website any information about what is updated and wich signatures added, Nod32 does, Avira does, Virusbuster does, Avast does you know what i mean

How is Comodo dealing with phishing-mails i get 7 phishing mails in mine inbox from chasebank i have nothing with this bank but i scan this with CAV 2.0 beta fully updated and nothing i scan with Kaspersky and Avira and yes phishing mails

Not sure why this topic is locked but I will unlock it.

CAVS2 does not have antiphishing. It checks e-mail attachments for malware that’s it. Where as Kaspersky and Avira are more advanced and most likely do check for suspicious e-mails. But CAVS 3 will be released soon, so keep your eyes open, CAVS 3 is entirely new with a completely new engine, so let’s see what it has in store :slight_smile:

try windows live mail it has anti phishing technology built in and you can setup to whatever e-mail you like its better then the old outlook express or outlook for that matter. i hope i don’t get in trouble for recommending a e-mail program.