Update Host

I just updated to version 5. I still can not(since version 4) update the antivirus. I get a 404 error in explorer and firefox if I try to just go to http://download.comodo.com/. I tried unchecking and rechecking that as the host under preferences in the update tab. I checked my hosts file and http://download.comodo.com/ is not listed as blocked.

I was really hoping one day this would update the antivirus.

What is the correct address to use for the download host?

Any new ideas besides manually downloading the antivirus database when I have time to do the whole safe mode restart and all?

What error do you get? Can you post a screenshot?

Over the last 24 and a couple of hrs there have been some hiccups with the AV definitions update. Is that your situation? Or is the problem going on for days of weeks?

If the problem is the longer standing problem (days or weeks without updating) try downloading the database as described in Where can i download the latest full AV database?. Does updating after that work for you?