Update Graphics Driver?

There is a saying, “if it aint broken, don’t fix it”.

Recently nVidia has released a driver update for my graphics card (GeForce GT240M, Win 7 Home premium 64-bit). They say this update includes numerous bug-fixes. However, currently my computer is NOT experiencing any driver-related issues.

So, the question is, should I take the trouble to update the graphics driver of my computer?

Hi brightness,
Some updates could improve performance or stability, especially with gaming.
Check the release notes first if possible.
Make certain that you can roll back if it has any performance, stability or compatibility issues.
If you go ahead an update, you could do a Windows experience rating before and after to see if the graphics performance improved or not.

IMO yes maybe, it might help but the final choice is yours.

Thanks captainsticks. :smiley: