Update from Ver5 to Ver6 through CIS updater

Sorry if this topic has been raised over the past few weeks/months but i can’t find a reference to it in the forum other than its not possisble as yet and this facility should be available sometime Feb------my question is it possible to update version 5.**2599 of CIS firewall with defence plus to version 6.0…264710.2708 via the internal online updater, i would prefer to update using this method rather than uninstall Ver5 reinstall Ver6 method due to past problems ie wrong version downloaded by me or uninstall/install went wrong etc. If i use the internal updater things go smoothly, If use the online updater i always get your product ie version 52599 is upto date and am unable to pull down Ver 6.0 to install, any info would be appreciated.

No, it is not currently possible to update to version 6 through the internal updater in version 5.x yet.

Thanks for the info,i guess its something to wait for!!!

Yes, the wait may be a long-time, we are all waiting, it will soon be April