Update for 3.9

I am using CIS 3.9.95478.509
Today it says there is an update available, so i installed it and it restarts the system, but again when i check for updates it says there is an update available again ! and it installed and restarted again !
is there an update for this version ?
I am using windows 7 64 bit

I got the same …
I hade the 508 now I have 509 using XP.
I hade to reboot to get it installed. not sure whats new

I got this version too but i dont have any problems atm.

why dosent this versions show on the comodo site?

2 many questions ;D Thank God,I’m not a mod :slight_smile:

It was an urgent update:

Also see the updated initial post with updated download locations:


just got the update 509, restarted and all is good

Same here.

doog si lla dna detratser ,905 etadpu eht tog tsuj

ah, okey then. Thanks for the info :wink:

If I understand your statements and your question correctly, no one has answered it. I believe you are saying that AFTER updating to .509 you still got notification that an update was available, and then after installing it and rebooting, an update still showed to be available. I don’t run Windows 7, I run Vista. Sometimes CIS will indicate that there are updates available, when there really aren’t, if there is a Comodo Internet Security subfolder under AppData\Local\Virtual Store\Program Files\Comodo. Deleting this subfolder has solved this problem for me before. I don’t know if that is the case with Windows 7 or not. If you do have a subfolder named Comodo Internet Security in that location, you might try deleting it and see if that solves your phantom update problem. I don’t think it hurts anything to delete that subfolder, at least it didn’t on my Vista machine.

the same

CIS will show an update when you have deleted entries from the My Trusted Software Vendors list and will put back the deleted entries.

But marSoul said that after updating, the update rebooted the system and then, when he\she checked again, CIS still said that an update was available and he\she installed it again and the update again rebooted the system. If he\she had added or removed a trusted software vendor, CIS wouldn’t have automatically restarted the system and then wouldn’t have showed that an update was still available after the system was restarted.

This has been fixed.