update failed. error code 0x80004002. no such interface supported

system status shows that ‘defense + is not functioning properly’
when i run diagnostics it says ‘the diagnostics utility did not find any problems with your installation.’

if i try to start a virus scan, no matter what files i want to scan, i get the error “update failed. error code 0x80004002. no such interface supported”

how shall i fix my Comodo internet security premium so that i am protected?


Exactly the same thing happened on my system all of a sudden yesterday. I changed my hard disks back from Dynamic to Basic and CIS started to work again.

Could be coincidence but if you’ve changed your settings recently that may be the cause.

Hi Again

I don’t mean to flood the topic. I’ve now tested further and it seems that I get this error if the boot disk is Dynamic. I’ve switched back and forth from Dynamic/Basic a couple of times and it definitely follows the change.

It may not be the cause of your probem but it is mine. :-\

What version of CIS are you running? Try disabling other security programs running in the background.

Interesting finding.