Update extensions now

Under Settings > Extensions > Developer Mode > Update extensions now.

I wish when you click on Update extensions now, the button would change to “Updating extensions”. Then when finished the button would change to “Extensions up to date”.

The way it is now I don’t know if its done or not. I use Sandboxie and I only open Comodo Dragon outside of a sandbox when I want to check for and install updates.

this is for devs to publish updates. users extensions are automatically updated

Since I run CD Sandboxed, any automatic updates of extensions are gone when I close CD.

The only way to make an update permanent is to open CD outside of a sandbox and manually update extensions.

the extensions should check and auto update everytime dragon updates so even though the sandbox clears the update when the browser closes it reinstalls the update the next time the browser starts as far as I know

Yes, but that’s not a preferred way of maintaining updates for any program.

I agree I wish you could exclude certain things in the browser like updates, history, settings, user specified extensions in case a malicious extension gets installed it would be removed but the user specified extensions wouldn’t be. user specified search engines, bookmarks