Update ERROR

For the past day my comodo keeps trying to update and asks me about updating ( it dont usually do this) but every time it tries to update it says error 106

Any one know whats going on and how i can fix it? (B)

Unfortunately the Comodo updates servers are flooded with user requests at the moment. They are adding more capacity as we speak. This problem should diminish over the next few hours, hopefully.

Ewen :slight_smile:

i finially managed to update it! (B)

What about this comodo pro?

Pleased to see some explanation here. I got error 106 this morning after Comodo acknowledged 8% completion in 5 minutes and then being stubborn tried again and after 54% completion and 31 minutes it gave up with the error. I acknowledge being concerned about stopping because there was no indication whether or not I was simply downloading before updating code.

Long term user of ZAF and only switched to Comodo a month ago. How long should a typical update take?


Normally my updates are done on there own about 11pm the comdo update logo appears then thats it,

I can only presume that all this long update time is due to the upgrade

Hey Guys, I just took two days of downloading and trying to install the update. It was d/loading ok but was never installing, until late this evening. and at 1 hour average to download the update that is a lot of hours gone by. I suppose that is " Ah Well Thats Life" situation and maybe Comodo will get it sorted out before they release the next update :SMLR

I was just informed of another update i was like o ffs not another one ive just update but it went on very fast,

Im not complaining about the download time and problems as i think comodo is the best ever firwall ive had, ive tried many and one of which my PC got shut down straight after i installed it, and comodo has been great for me, I dont like this new log thing of comodos for the firwall with the arrows moving, think that will use up the pc a bit and is a waste of time but hey (R)

Just found u can stop it :BNC