update error in comdo firewall

Comodo firewall attempted to update, but failed with an error code of 108. Can anyone help?

boy the forum is slow for me today lol must be all the ppl :slight_smile: i tryed to update and got error 106: could not complete update process :slight_smile: is there a download link :)or is it just that busey :slight_smile:

I, too, get error code 108 in trying to update.

What does this signify, please?

What to do to overcome?

Maybe we get that error as they seems to upgrade the forum/site. Just my guessing…

According to an old post, when I search for error 108, umesh answered that they had problems with the “update server side”

the above post was with my old pc i tryed to update earliar today got to 2% and error 106: then the forum went out so i tryed later and get the error 108: so i switched to my new pc [i’m on dialup so i switch back and forth] and waited untell the forum to come back and tryed my new pc and 43% in the update i get error 106: then try again and get error 108 :slight_smile: i’m going to switch to old pc and try again later :slight_smile:

For me it’s been Error 113 (just once) and then Error 106 (repeatedly). In this other thread, egemen said 106 was due to corrupted files. Hmm.

This is my second bout of bad experiences with the updater (my first was about 6 months ago), so I think I’m going to manually download and reinstall the whole enchilada this time.

My story isn’t too much different then the rest here ,but

I figured I would just do a clean install,but when I went to the link to download i got

This site is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please bear with us, we will be back shortly.

Maybe I will just wait a few days (B)

At my corner of the world, the site is back up now, and 2.4 [Final] has just recently been uploaded. If your planning to fresh install, you can try the site again now maybe. Me, I’m still bearing hard with the updater. The settings were soooo long achieved.

—Meanwhile, I’ll make a backup of the Comodo 2.4 installer into my drive and USB. (R)

That’s what I also got at first, but eventually the download came through after about 5 minutes of retries.

I installed without first uninstalling the older version, and it worked fine. I lost all my settings, of course, but I didn’t mind starting with a clean slate.

I too received this error, I then decided to simply download and install.

i downloaded and unininstalled the old and installed the new version :slight_smile: install went good under security i scand for known apps but when i looked at component monitor there was nothing there i refreshed it and it works now :slight_smile: also under activty connections there is hardly nothing there like when i’m using iexplorer it was in there now it’s not and i’m using it also the old version had like a bunch of stuff there like svchost,msncc, avgnt,avguard now all that is there is msnaccel.exe :slight_smile: i hope it is working ok :slight_smile: