update error cmdagent.exe : Error 0x80072efd

When I updating Comodo Internet Security Premium (5.3.175888.1227), the Program indicates an error: “cmdagent.exe : Error 0x80072efd”, and the updating procedure is failed. What’s wrong with this? Thanks.

P.S. my system is Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1

Go to More → Diagnostics and see if it founds the issues. If that doesn’t solve the problem; you can uninstall current version with Revo Uninstaller and install the latest.

Control Panel → Internet options → Connection → LAN settings → Auto find settings (checkbox=ON)

Sorry for names: im not using EN Windows version.


Thanks a lot for the fix. It helped in 2 ways :

  1. to upgrade my Comodo IS version to the latest.
  2. I had a long time issue with loading pages in IE, which got solved with this fix.

Thanks again.