Update error and download from website 404 error

Hi, week ago I installed Comodo Internet Security, everything fine. Today it cant find update file for signatures etc (last auto update yesterday). When I try to download them manualy from Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022 and click on Download v5.8 database, web page says 404 not found. Also Comodo Antivirus | Free Antivirus Software Download 2022 clicking Free Antivirus Download says 404 not found.
Ping download.comodo.com is ok

Did you removed install files and update files and preparing for newer version or what is going on? Thanks

Hi and welcome LadaT,
Both mentioned download locations are working here.
If you are still having issues, please try clearing your browsing data and try again.
Does it happen if you try a different browser?


Hi thanks for reply. Now I am home connected with different internet provider, update works, links from website too.
I installed CIS on 4 computers at public library connected with local provider week ago and untill today it was ok updating. Ill try tomorrow. Is it possible that provider is blocking acces to files at download.comodo.com because of installing CIS which was downloading 240MB update after every instalation 4 times? Looks very strange…

Well, update at home does not work either. It only checked ok that database is updated and not need to download, but program update wants me to download newer version, but with “Error: 0x80070002 - System cant find file”.

Links from website are working at home.

So at work, cant acces update files from program and website links.
At Home cant acces update from program, but from website can (did not clear browser cache).

Yesterday was everything ok.

same thing

Hi Guys,
I wonder if this issue is geolocation specific.
I will try to find out more, no promises.

Kind regards.

Yes, seems to be. I can’t access the download servers either… but it works when I set up a US proxy in Comodo.

Some DNS problem, I guess.

Hi Guys,

We are working on it; it will be fixed soon, for your kind information.


exactly the same thing here. location is southern france. mostly the error occurs with signature update and sometimes with website database. if i do the update many times, finally one time it succeeds.

Update working again.
From another post someone mentioned that download != downloads

So I tryed downloads.comodo.com and it works

link in blowser from website to file bases.cav.z
http://download.comodo.com/av/updates58/sigs/bases/bases.cav.z = 404 not found

same link but with S in downloadS
http://downloads.comodo.com/av/updates58/sigs/bases/bases.cav.z = working

Added downloads to setting / updates / proxy and host settings
add new - downloads.comodo.com
And CIS is updating itself again.

BTW I am in Czech rep. if its location problem

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To fix this update the following registry key:


But Comodo could simple create a new subdomain/alias http://download.comodo.com/http://downloads.comodo.com/

Сomodo has not officially informed about the correction, I do not advise to change the settings, update periodically running, apparently not yet fixed the problem!

In Hungary, the same error. Unfortunately, many people do not get along with the English language. :-\ Therefore, we use the Hungarian language program. I would like to ask for help in Hungarian so that we can correct it. Thank you!

Hi Buket,
Appreciate you looking into this issue.


Hi Guys,

Server issue has been fixed , please kindly check and confirm back to me.

Kind Regards