Update error 114

For weeks I’m trying to update CF (I’m not using Antivirus), free version, on both an XP and a Vista machine. Am running version 3.12…560.
Every time I get the same 113 error code, stating INternet connection was lost. No other update program ever reported this, my connection is stable.


Are you behind a hardware firewall as well?

For example… I use a SonicWALL appliance that also includes stateful packet inspection… and more times than not it trashes my COMODO downloads… but on purpose.

What happens in my case is that the SonicWALL senses that “packers” were used on the CFP files… but since packers also have a history of being used by virus makers as well, a default deny rule kicks in and terminates the download connection. Guilty by association… Packers aren’t bad… but some of the people that have used them were/are.

This would explain why both PC’s cannot update… they both get to the internet through the same firewall.

Might be a long shot, but this is my real-world experience.

Thanks for your help. but nope, no hardware firewall in place. Isn’t there a way to download a full installable .exe instead of having to use the updater? Any tricks I should know about before installing it over an existing version?

See COMODO Internet Security 3.14.130099.587 released and do a fresh install.

That downloaded without a glitch. Now, ‘clean installs’ make me nervous. Last ime I tried to export CF settings, I broke a coffee table out of sheer frustration. I’ve got tons of settings. Any sure way to migrate smoothly?

Go to Miscellaneous -->Manage My configurations and export your active configuration. Export it to a folder that is not part of the CIS installation folder to make sure it doesn’t get deleted when uninstalling.