Update Date/Time Bug

Clicking on the date/time CAVS3 updated itself changes the date/time to when it was clicked on even if there was no update. The date/time should only change if there was an update.

Same problem here :). For me, It doesn’t change every time (Seems random) but still it should only update after an update is available.


In future BTJustice, can you please provide the information here so the developers can quickly & more effectively find the bug and fix it.


You have me confused. This post is here. Your linked post is here. Here being the “Other - General - GUI etc Bugs” forum.

Same problem for me as well. Already posted it in the feedback thread a while ago.


Still confused. This is the right place for it. Anyone can verify it by opening CIS and clicking on the date/time to perform an update and even if there is not an update see the date/time change.

Yes I can re produce it but OS, Security software installed, etc is necessary.


Since it is so easy to reproduce, I am nit sure why that is needed, but anyway…

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
COMODO Internet Security
Windows Defender

For ANY Bug report you need that info.


I guess it would just be easier to have that as a signature so I will do that now.

i have the same issue.
also posted here https://forums.comodo.com/anti_virus_bugs/strange_update_virus_database-t29092.0.html

AMD64 3500+
XP sp3 32bit
CIS (incl firewall D+)

Any updates on this bug?
OS etc doesn’t matter at all, it’s just a wrong implementation.