update comodo signatures in real time

Hi I think it would be nice for Comodo to update virus/malaware signatures in real time with pulseand smaller updates like Norton and Avast ect do then every 1-2 hoursor so where it get stuck at 90 percent for a few then updates and in web site filtering protection automatically do this also adding the good and bad sites much easier for the user.also remove the game mode feels like im using bullguard automatically realize fullscreen mode and go into silent /protection mode for the user because there is a lot of baddies out there while gaming and that most be high priority also you need to do what you did a few years ago give free for year and start winning the consumers again maybe add your pc tuneup with comodo internet security pro. just a few ideas I see Norton and a few others are getting lost in the new era and running into trouble like avast with there spam lately with grim fighter ect you need a new approach on giving and reaching to the people.


Comodo actually has a cloud AV signatures and the local database. You will always have the latest signatures when you are connected to the internet. :slight_smile:

okay then thanks for the update on that one was not sure about that one .maybe then the other 2 important ideas.

+1 ;D

+1 :slight_smile: smaller size updates and improvements in the web filter (frequent updates with sites detected in Comodo DNS and Webinspector)