Update CFP by copying files?

I have a s l o w dial-up desktop. Updating takes a long time and often does not complete due to the internet connection speed. I also have a notebook which I can update without any problem by WiFi. Is there anyway I could copy files ti the desktop from the notebook (not how to copy, but which files to copy and how to run the update after the files are copied)?


The only way I see is that you download a fresh new copy of the newest CFP 3 version with your laptop, copy the setup to a USB stick or something. Than export your CFP 3 rules from your desktop, uninstall CFP 3. Install the new version and import the rules back. ;D

Thanks. I downloaded Comodo Firewall (CFP_Setup_3.0.18.309_XP_Vista_x32).exe on the laptop, copied & installed on the desktop. The laptop has updated to The desktop is stuck at
Now, would coping folder “C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Data” from the laptop to the desktop effect the update? All files there have today’s date in the laptop. I find no other files (\Program Files\Comodo*.*) with today.s date.

I hope to hear of, or find some other “copy” method rather than having to do the “export - unnstall -install - import method” for each update.

Again, Thank you.