Update Bug - Comodo Database version 31711

Comodo is doing a full update of full 361 MB download definitions/signatures daily, that too repeatedly - sometimes multiple times in a day and every day.
Current Base end userv31705 have been downloaded 5-8 times already in the last 2 days.
Creating problems daily - please resolve.

This bug used to there in earlier versions - 3-4 years back, seems to have resurfaced again.

This started happening after I did an update by downloading the online installer last week.

Current OS - Windows 10 Ver10.0.17763

I also have this issue on Comodo - Windows 10 18362.449

Hi bitspirit & WhiteMouse,

Thank you for Reporting.
The complete base v31705 was released last Monday and should be updated only once, there after CIS should download only incremental updates(v31706,v31707 and so on…). Let us check this issue.

1.Could you please share us the Log details of Tasks. ie., Tasks-> Advanced Tasks-> View Logs → Tasks. Refer enclosed image (Sample 1).

2.Kindly let us know what Database version is displayed in the About tab at present.

3.Now select to update and let us know the downloading database version. Refer enclosed image (Sample 2).


I can’t upload log files because for some reason my logs always get deleted every 24 hours.

Here are the specific log screens + Task Log of this entire month till date.

Task Log - CIS

Please check with v12.2.0.6938 using a clean install thanks.

Now the same thing is happening for CAV update 31731 - already 7 times downloaded.
Just a waste of Bandwidth - needs immediate fix

Hi bitspirit,

  1. In your Task event shows “Invalid Date Time” So could you please check your Date/Time Settings of your PC and make sure your location from India?
  2. Did you check with the latest v12.2.0.6938 BETA 1 version? And if it’s persists in the same condition in the sense,Please try to use the uninstaller tool for cleaning and re-install the CIS and notify me.

Thanks in advance !


Hi WhiteMouse,

Are you still facing this issue in the latest v12.2.0.6938 BETA 1 version? Please let me know.


Date /Time set as India with normal time.

I’m skeptical of Betas - this is my work machine with a lot of rules configured.
Beta’s messed up earlier - cant take the risk.

persisting as of now - dont know for how long.

I can understand you want to preserve your extensive ruleset. You can do this by exporting it first to a folder that is not part of the CIS installation folder. You will have a back up for just in case scenarios and you can import it in the beta or when you would return from beta to stable.

Can you see if there are other .cav files in C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\signatures folder other than b00xxxxx.cav?

I can confirmed this issue is resolved in the lastest beta.

Hello WhiteMouse,

Sounds good.Thank you for your valuable response.

Kind Regards,

Finally found a root cause - its a naming issue pertaining to Windows 10.

Anytime the PC name is changed - the full AV signature update begins inspite of having the latest update.
Happens everytime you rename and reboot.

Wow, now that’s some serious detective work. Kudos for persevering.

Hello bitspirit,

Thank you for your response and informing us :-TU.

Kind Regards,