Update available for CIS

I have done an new installation of Windows 10 and installed CIS with Database Version 35338. I let Comodo update and i get a message program update available so i confirm to install it and after this i reboot the system. I have checking the version number but it it is stills version Then i noticed that the complete database is gone so i update again and the database is back. Then i get the message from the windows security center Comodo Antivirus and Firewall are disabled this problem is more then 2 years old and not fixed Comodo doesn’t integrate with the windows security center. So i start tomorrow the pc and checked Comodo it seems the updates are going smooth but after the update Comodo is again disabled so frustrating.

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Hi fjordhammer,

Thank you for reporting.
We are aware of this issue and team is working on it.
We will keep you posted.