Update 3.0 - 3.5

the auto-updater is currently downloading a 3.5 update. Is this forcing an anti-virus on me? I don’t want another anti-virus, I have the best one available already. Hopefully my saved config will serve me after the update…

I think it will download the antivirus component, but it won’t activate it :slight_smile: So you’re safe :-TU

Hi :

I just upgraded from to 3.5. 54375.427 (A good suggestion, please shorten the build number, hehehe (:TNG) ) using the updater and it recognized my settings, so it installed only the Firewall module

And it seems to have a less resource usage

MiguelAngelXP :BNC :■■■■

Thanks Miguel for clearing that up :slight_smile:

I concur, everything went smooth as butter. Congratulations!

[font=tahoma]Yes, great work indeed. Just a quick question, why would it say “COMODO Internet Security” in my startup entry?

Also, any chance that the latest version of Comodo Pro Firewall (3.5.54375.427)will be available to download via the main homepage?
The current one that is available is

I think your CFP has been replaced with CIS, although probably without the AV component activated - making it all a CIS/CFP installation to you. Did that make any sense? :wink:

This is still a bit unclear. I think you’ll have to download the CIS package and chose to install just the firewall. I’m not sure they will continue to distribute CFP in a separate installer. Though I may be wrong.


[font=tahoma]Oof. I was confusing the two (I mean like update wise)… So CIS is installed, but the AV component is not activated. How about BoClean?

If I have to download a dated version in the future and update from there that would be a disappointment.

But thanks again LeoniAquila.

Yep, and all this makes your installed software Comodo Firewall (even though it says CIS in the startup entry, that’s just since CFP is a part of CIS now). BOClean is not yet a part of CIS, we’ll have to wait for a while.


I’m confused (a) about CFP 3.x versions and (2) My CFP Updater status ???

(1) My CFP ( just notified my of an available update, I chose no to download.
Instead I wanted to see the release/update notes so I arrived at this page:

“Comodo Firewall Pro - Release notes” , “Version 3.5.54375.427 : 29th Oct, 2008”

I then go to the ‘free download page’

which says “Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 - Latest version”
I click the download button the am presented with the setup file for version !


(2) Back to my CFP, click ‘Check For Updates’ and informed “Updates is already running… please wait for it to complete”
But there is not internet traffic active or disk activity.
Is something stuck, do I need to restart or… ???

Please advise.

At this very moment, you can download two files:

  1. CFP
  2. CIS 3.5.54375.427

Now, that CIS version actually contains a newer CFP version than CFP If you install CIS 3.5.54375.427 you can chose not to install the antivirus, and then you’ll have the latest CFP 3.5.54375.427 (I asume this is the number for the new CFP, even though it’s used for CIS).

Sorry, I don’t know what happened to your updater. You may want to see this topic.


[font=tahoma]The current Comodo installer has not been updated with the latest version. V.3.5.5 is included with the CIS. If you have read above, the anti-virus module is not activated.

Leon, I’m not sure what you mean by “what happened to the updater”… but I’m assuming 3.5.5 is the latest version. I’ve also read the link by 3xist. I don’t think it applies to me because I am not fully upgrading to the CIS.

Yes, I know this.

Oh, I may have confused you since the previous reply (#10) was aimed towards Dalmation (#9)!


True. I would like to see that cleared up. I asked it several times. But all I got so far is ignorance. :THNK

Well no, you’ll have a Comodo Firewall 3.5.54375.427, not Comodo firewall Pro. But what’s difference between Comodo Firewall and Comodo Firewall Pro?

I replied here: