Upcoming version 3.0 of Firewall.

My transition to V2.4 was not as seamless as I would have liked. I had numerous errors that ended up costing me a good 5 hours to troubleshoot. But I think I have it lined out now.

My hopes are that Comodo runs a VERY long, thorough and exhaustive beta on v 3.0 before it’s released. It would wonderful to have a seamless transition to the next version. It might also be helpful to let the end user know ahead of time of any incompatabilities (particulalry with other security applications). Along with Comodo I am presently using NOD32 and Spyware Doctor. I am also thinking of switching Browsers to Firefox or Opera. It would be nice to know up front if the next version of Comodo will be compatible with all of these. Not to mention, as we already have an excellent product from Comodo on our machines now, why hurry for the next release? I would much rather it be as close to perfect as possible rather than rushing to put out the latest greatest.

So as excited as I am to see all the coming improvements, part of me is nervous that a firewall with all the features I read about (full hips, sandbox ,etc) might have a ton of compatabilitiy issues.

Hi Solo

I do agree with you re: beta period…
Its not just the duration but also number of beta testers is what we need :frowning:

We thought all the issues were ironed out before we made it public (from beta). What were your issues?

Obviously we will give more time for beta testing for v3 as its a new Crime Busting Tool for the world and we do need as many beta testers as possible to give us feedback.

bottom line is: As long as there are issues in beta testing, we won’t release it.


My problems for twofold.

  1. I couldn’t get the update to run. I kept getting error numbers ranging from 106-108. This may have been because your servers were overloaded. One time the update got to 7% and stopped. Another time is got to 17% installed and stopped. A few other times I just got error 106 or error 108. After waiting a day or so, I finally got the install to work.

  2. I had email issues and internet connectivity issues after the install. First I could not pen links inside emails, then my outgoing email stopped functioning. After that, my outgoing email stopped working and certain websites wouldn’t load. Then my outgoing email wouldn’t work, certain sites wouldn’t load, and incoming email stopped working too. Finally, I lost all internet connection. This happened over the course of 5-6 hours. I ran a program called WINSOCK FIX XP and resolved the issues.

Note: I updated to 2.4. Had the first issue. Then decided to do a full unisntall and reinstall. I noticed that other people opted to do this because they could not get the update function to work. After doing the uninstall/reinstall I beliee that is when my winsock errors happened.

the first issue was server overload.
but the second one is a weird one as we don’t really touch winsock… hmmm…


Boy…that is strange.

The only change I made to my system that day was my firewall upgrade. So although I am not a computer expert, Ifeel that see the issues are related.

Could the uninstall have messed up winsock?


should look for compatibility with NOD32. I have installed both programs (comodo firewall and NOD) together, and then, I’m having a very slow start in my computer (WIN XP SP2).

I don’t know, I was having the same problem when I had kerio installed.


I had similar issues as solo. The update to 2.4 kept freezing, but eventually went through. After it did though all my rules were erased, in fact there were no rules at all listed in the network section, even the default rules that exist upon installation. I uninstalled it and reinstalled a new freshly downloaded 2.4. The issue it has now is when my laptop goes into standby. When I come out of standby the FW updater is always on and never goes off or finishes, it doesnt seem to do anything at all. One time it gave me a BSOD when I tried to close it out/terminate it. Also sometimes when it is stuck it kills all my internet traffic although my network connection is clearly on, and the firewall is not set to “Block All” when I right click on the tray icon and click on “Adjust Security Level”. I also run 2.4 on my desktop, but this is a fresh install. I have encountered NO problems at all with the desktop machine. The only difference between the machines as far as I can tell is 1. multiple users on the laptop 2. some differences in how windows xp handles standby on a laptop such as disconnecting the network. I am very happy with the product otherwise. On my desktop I recently switched it after having sunbelt/kerio most recent FW version. This kerio FW I used to love but has recently been giving me some major headaches about various things. It went from a program I didn’t need to touch because after I set up the rules and application behaviors it was as good as invisible to one that was increasingly causing major problems. I am very impressed with this comodo FW. Sorry for the length of my post.

Hi Melih,

As you already know, many developers offer a free program license to their beta testers at the end of the beta testing period. Perhaps you can do one better and offer 2 free licenses of Comodo Firewall Pro to increase beta participation. ;D

Good idea… but its free already. :slight_smile:

actually, excellent idea… how about improving this idea further and we offer a whopping 3 (yep you read it right a big 3) free licenses :slight_smile:


How about a non-flaming Dell computer for a beta pool?

Well Melih, let me state it this way…with even the amount of issues with 2.4 , truly wasn’t that much. You can’t iron out everything in beta, it’s impossible. Many wait for full version first. If you have say 15, 000 people download, every pc is different, every registry a different puzzle, a percentage of users who have pc problems and don’t want to admit it, others who have some infection prior to, some are just hateful because they never had that stick removed when younger, and then you get the ones with real issues, those with minor issues, some larger, then the ones with none at all.

Consider every registry as stated as being a puzzle per each pc, one registry key different can change the whole outlook of how a system reacts to software, not to mention different OSs, drivers, hard ware. Let’s take a look at the $300.00 XP when it was released, or was it XP SP1, or was it SP2? Could have been the 79 update files after as well, anyway, the largest OS giant can’t get it right and still issues flood MS every day and this is paid for mind you. How well does MS listen to people? LOL, not at all usually.

Melih, I know Comodo wants the best for people and you take every error seriously , but really, look at the amount of problems and how many are solved on here simply by directing people to the right direction. The percentage of people with issues is actually almost NULL compared to other softwares.

So , knowing you do try extremely hard and the team as well, be proud that it worked this well! My goodness, with the support here, the listening to the people, the errors here are VERY few compared to other software sites, this place is simply more open to people as to where other forums and supports are closed in. You can’t get every bug, heck you may NEVER get every bug, and the more people that use your software, the more bugs there will be due to the above reasons. If any other software has came out bug free, then it’s spyware, llolll.

If there are bugs, they get fixed faster than any software company i’ve ever seen. Or your loyal servant…uh…Moderators :smiley: get people squared away.

Be proud Melih and comodo team!! But, I still can’t believe ZTL free??? > huhh… :■■■■ yep, lol.


Note: this is not directed to anyone here , and now you know dat. <water boy

Thank you for your kind words Shifter :SMLR

We truly are proud of everyone who makes up the Comodo family, from our developers to moderators to our users.

thank you again.


edited: Yep ZTL is free!! :slight_smile:

Melih, is there a chance that v3 can be less resource hungry than 2.4 is? My pings have gone up in online gaming since the transition from 2.3 to 2.4 and I’m very sad about this. I’m assuming this has to do with resources…or is this an added security feature?


hi Jonatan

pls let us know what aspects use more resources…
however as an architecture it should be more optimised product…


Since 3.0 will have some HIPS intergration (as far as I heard), I hope that it will not take up much resources than it already is taking. I can see the Firewalls improvements in this area, but for HIPS, I really don’t want to see anymore useage than there already is. Then again, if the trend continues, I can see that it will take the same, if not less, resources usage (I’m hoping) :SMLR.