Unwanted program installs with CFW V3 [Resolved]

Problem encountered with Comodo Firewall V3.
I installed Comodo Firewall V3 on a desktop running XP SP3 (32bit). With Comodo firewall V3 installed, every time I boot XP, after it is up, a program called Migo PC backup starts to install. About a month ago I installed a trial of Migo PC backup and decided not to buy it, so I deinstalled it. I have searched my C drive, including system and hidden files, and the only copy of the MIGO PC Backup install file is in the recycle bin. After several attempts to install Comodo firewall V3 , I gave up and installed Comodo Firewall V2. Now the Migo PC Backup install does not occur and the system is happy.
So, I no longer have a problem, but I was wondering why Comodo Firewall V3 would want to execute an install file that is in the recycle bin? If indeed that is what is happening.

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What mode are you running D+ in?

I don’t know what I had Defense + set at. Can’t check it because I am currently running CFW V2. However I do know that I did not change any settings so D+ should have been running with the default setting.
I tried installing V3 with just the firewall option but that didn’t seem to work. I believe, in searching the forum, that installing just the V3 firewall may be a known problem.
One addition note, I do have AVG anti virus installed and running.

I suspect that it may have been in clean pc mode

Clean PC Mode: From the time you set the slider to 'Clean PC Mode', Defense+ will learn the activities of the applications currently installed on the computer while all new executables introduced to the system are monitored and controlled. This patent-pending mode of operation is the recommended option on a new computer or one that the user knows to be clean of malware and other threats. From this point onwards Defense+ will alert the user whenever a new, unrecognized application is being installed. In this mode, the files in 'My Pending Files' are excluded from being considered as clean and are monitored and controlled.

If you are having problems with installation or somthing not working, Please give us as much info as possible so that we can help you and any future users that may encounter this problem :slight_smile:

I doubt it’s CFP installing Migo PC Backup (assuming it’s downloaded from a trusted source, preferably Comodo’s website). If it was, everyone would get it, not only you. Was the install procedure just like a normal one (you had to click Next, specify path etc.) or was it a small window with windows like this that disappeared after a while?


If yes, it’s most likely trying to repair Migo PC Backup, not install it. I’ve had similar problems in the past after uninstalling software (however, they weren’t triggered only when a specific application was installed).

While you might think that the installer is completely gone, it might still remain in \WINDOWS\Installer. Most installers that uses Windows Installer (.msi-files) will store their installer here. Run all the installers you can find to see if any of them is related with Migo PC Backup. Why not just delete them all you ask? Sure, you can do that, but keep in mind, that if you do, some programs that uses Windows Installer might not be possible to uninstall (unless you download the installer for the version you wish to uninstall).

Or use Windows Installer Clean Up. It will show Migo PC Backup if it is there.

I used Windows installer cleanup utility to remove the msi file for MIgo Backup. I removed CFW V2 and installed CFW V3. Now running CFW V3 with no problems
Thanks to everyone for your help… Problem resolved…

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I’m glad that the problem is solved. I’ll close this topic now. If you should encounter further problems, PM an online moderator with a link to this topic so that he can open it. :wink: