Unwanted Newsletter


same as https://forums.comodo.com/report-comodo-forum-web-site-issues/delete-forum-account-t109095.0.html

I also received a newsletter from Comodo in my mailbox
However I never subscribed to the newsletter from Comodo (and never received any for years, that was OK)

In my profile > Modify Profile > Notifications and EMails : the checkbox
“Receive forum newsletters, announcements and important notifications by email.”
was now checked.

The checkbox auto-checked itself by itself…
I have unchecked it myself this time, but I hope it is only a one-time bug (not a new habit on this site).

(In any case I will never click a link to unsubscribe to a newsletter, inside a mail that I must consider as a spam :

  • it would be a insecure action of me, since I can have some doubt about the source of the message
  • it would not solve the bug that leaded to the unwanted subscription to the newsletter
  • it’s not my job to correct site bugs)

This only event does not significantly lower the good opinion I have of the Comodo Apps (CIS especially)

Sanya IV Litvyak said : ‘This forum doesn’t support deletion of accounts for some reason’
In my country (France), a forum user has the right to ask for the deletion of all personal datas from a website (profile name/mail addresses etc…).
I don’t know if forums.comodo.com has to comply to this law when serving people from France ?

Did you ever fill in your email address during the installation process of a Comodo product over the years?

I believe I got the same newsletter, it was from the forum, even said Forum in the subject field.

Odd. I didn’t get it. What’s it about?

Nevermind, it said “The Comodo Forum” for sender, not subject.

Not sure if it’s the same announcement as the others got, but it’s the one I got.

[b]New announcement: Comodo Mobile Device Management 3.0 and Cloud server availability!!![/b]

Hi all,

Now we have Comodo Mobile Device Management 3.0 available with Cloud server option. All you need to do is go to https://mdm.comodo.com/ and click free trial. You will be guided to get the license and setup your cloud MDM server in seconds.

What is new on CMDM 3.0?

  • ‘Sneak-Peak’ antitheft feature: If somebody enters the wrong password on a lost or stolen device, CMDM controlled devices will automatically take a photo of the device holder and save it to server with their picture and location
  • Persistent VPN option: All traffic from managed Samsung KNOX devices can now be directed to your company VPN
  • Re-configuration wizard for in-host server option: Makes it easier for administrators to modify major CMDM configuration settings after installation
  • MS Exchange service control panel: Detailed logging and connection information improves visibility and troubleshooting with MS Exchange integrations.
  • Easy installation option for trial customers who prefer to install on their own server. No need to get valid SSL and DNS entry. Installer can generate self-signed certificate.
  • Ability to customize mail templates. Companies can decide on their own communication preferences.
  • Silent application install/uninstall option for Samsung KNOX and Rooted Android devices. Admin would have more control over managed devices.
  • State of the art malware protection with patent pending approach. Malwares would not be able to harm your devices with auto remediation functions.
  • Kiosk mode for Android Samsung KNOX devices.
  • Enterprise application store for IOS devices. Now, companies can have their own application store on both Android and IOS.
  • Auto fill on application catalog for store applications.
  • Able to communicate with users directly by sending push messages to their devices.
  • IOS CMDM application is live on Appstore.


  • Time-zone selection added to installer for in-host server option.
  • Notifications are now shown on devices when a new ‘recommended’ application is available
  • Managed devices can now play voice alerts when they receive a message from CMDM
  • New ‘Remove’ option allows administrators to quickly remove and replace an existing Apple Push Notification certificate
  • Improved Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support for iOS 8
  • Improved mail configuration for Android profiles
  • Large LDAP user groups can now be queued for importing
  • Improved role management in LDAP groups
  • LDAP authentication improved
  • SMTP settings moved to the web portal
  • Full option set added for Wifi and Cellular connections (force on/off, user choice)
  • Managed applications are removed from a device when it is removed from CMDM
  • Added SMS/MMS blocking to Kiosk mode
  • Administrators can now opt not to send enrollment emails to users
  • Improved role management features
  • Improved visibility for profile associations.
  • Improved company mail access control
  • Improved UI design
  • Improved performance

Please go ahead and try, let us hear what you think!

To unsubscribe from these announcements, login to the forum and uncheck “Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email.” in your profile.

You can view the full announcement by following this link:

The The Comodo Forum Team.

The mail I got was the same as ‘Sanya IV Litvyak’

Did you ever fill in your email address during the installation process of a Comodo product over the years?

Yes : for some testing purpose, I just re-installed the discontinued Comodo Memory Firewall (CMF) a few days ago,
who asked for my mail during the installation, but I did not fill the field with my mail address this time.

However I may have given my mail to CMF a few years ago when I first registered it, and he might have remembered it

  • Currently I have in the registry :
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ComodoGroup\cmf\License\E_Mail → a unreadable binary value
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ComodoGroup\cmf\License\Newsletter → dword=0
  • My current CMF option :
    ‘Automatically check for the updates’ → unchecked
    ‘I am going to use e-mail alerts’ → unchecked

If I reinstall a Comodo product I will be more cautious :
un-plug the internet/install the program/uncheck the mail alerts & newsletter options/reboot/re-plug the internet

Thanks for replying however.

Judging by Sanya’s post the email is sent to part of our forum members. I was just inquiring to try to find out what email address was used.

Did you get the same email as Sanya?

The email address used is the one that I used to register on this forum (the email address inside my profile).
The mail I got was the same as Sanya.