unwanted feature: iVault loads at login with launchpad

How do you set launch pad so iVault doesn’t load automatically? I keep having to exit iVault because I don’t want it running until I say I want it running. Thanks,


If you open iVault from the launchpad menu, go to tools>>preferences>>uncheck start with Windows.

LaunchPad will still start up however, where you will be able to start iVault from this. If you also want to disable LaunchPad go to Start>>run>>type ‘msconfig’ (without quotes)>>click ‘startup’ tab>>uncheck ‘CPLTray’>>click OK.

Hopw this helps,

‘msconfig’ (without quotes)>>click ‘startup’ tab>>uncheck ‘CPLTray’>>click OK.
Above is wrong if you do that you won’t see Comodo Launch Pad’s tray icon, you should
remove “Comodo Launch Pad App” entry which represents gui application.

Mike said to do that if you want to stop launchpad starting at system startup, however I do believe that the Firewall and other applications will still run, because they are seperate applications with seperate processes.

So if you disable the launch pad, the apps will still be running. Will the individual apps then have their own sys tray icons? If not how do you open the apps?

Yes in theory they would still be running. No they will not have their own System Tray Icons. And I would guess to open them you would need to launch the CLP through the shortcut. Like I said this is in theory.

Doesn’t sound like smart thing to do.

Well you don’t know until you try, however I don’t really recommend you trying, this is all in theory.

If I remember right running applications without LaunchPad could cause them to crash. So it’s not recommended.


If launch pad is not run on system startup, it is not going to cause any crash.
Let me explain how it works.
There are two Launch Pad related applications which start on system startup

CLPGuiApp.exe : This is the GUI application that shows listing of various Comodo products installed on your system and other services offered by Comodo. Using this you can download apps which are not installed and can also launch the once which are installed. If you don’t want to see this running on system startup, you can remove it from Startup applications using msconfig. Btw in our latest CPF setup, we don’t create startup entry for CLPGuiApp.exe, so it is already take care.

CLPTray.exe: This is the application that shows Comodo LaunchPad tray icon and using this you can access menu options of all active applications and once which are not running can also be launched using system tray menu. So it is vital for accessing running applications.

Although in forthcoming release of CPF we have modified LaunchPad , where system tray menu will show a menu item “Options” using which you can choose not to start “CLPTray.exe” if you want so.
Once CPf is released, all the existing CLP instances will ask that updates are available, if you update CLP, you will find that change in CLP you have installed, whether it is with i-Vault, Anti-Virus or Comodo BackUp product.

Ok, thanks umesh. :wink: