Unused faxes at the end of the month?

I just signed up for the $4.95 per month plan and was wondering what happens to un-used faxes at the end of the month? Do they carry over to the next month? I hope so, because if not this will most likely be a deal breaker for me. If I’m paying for 50 faxes per month, I should receive credit for all 50! :slight_smile:

I would like to receive a refund of all my insurance monies I paid last year because i did not claim anything from them :slight_smile:

Joking aside: Whether you use your pages or not, there is a cost associated with giving you the ability. For example: your tel number we assign to you has a cost, the infrastructure we run has a monthly cost etc. I wish we could do that, sincerely.

However, we solved this problem by having different kind of levels, for example, if you don’t think you will use so many pages a month, then go with the lower band.

thank you


I do not think the insurance analogy is an appropriate one to make. You are comparing two completely different services.

And with all due respect, I pay a monthly fee for a certain number of minutes per month with my cell phone provider and the minutes I do not use get carried over into the next month. You make it sound like what I asked/suggested was completely unheard of.

I will assess my needs and decide if a lower level is appropriate, or if perhaps a different fax provider might be a better choice for me. At the very least, I hope I have highlighted this issue for others and would encourage anyone else who feels the same as I do to voice your concerns to Trustfax regarding this issue.

I think we are being fair and providing a very good service with different levels of needs. We are more than happy to provide the ability for you to move between plans.

However, trying to re-create a similar system like the cell providers will cause unnecessary costs as it will require a new infrastructure. If you look at the pricing providers between how much you pay to cell phone providers and our service, you will see that there is a material difference.

I hope you can see our point of view and hope to continue to service your needs. We just want to provide a fair system while keeping the costs down.

thank you


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