Untrusted/Blocked Vendors

I like the trusted vendors list, but I dont like that some companies/programs such as AOL (AOL Software, AIM, AIM Toolbar), iMesh, IncreibleMail, Google (Chromo), Ask.com (Toolbar) etc. so I removed em from the list. But would like a feature to block vendors as of those so that their programs cant be installed on my pc. It gets annoying having to download the program and then put it as blocked item and sometimes that doesnt stop it from being installed, and when they update some of the programs I have to re-download the new one and have it blocked again.

Unless I’m missing a way you can block such Vendors or programs so they cant be installed

+1 That would be a nice feature.

Of course, for such a thing to function, CIS would need to stop repopulating vendors deleted from the list on every update. (I absolutely hate that functionality… I deleted the vendor, respect my choice please.)


This indeed would be nice, along with what HeffeD said.

I have the following issues with the trusted vendors list:

  1. I do not like when Comodo adds back a vendor that I have deleted (same as HeffeD). One method of dealing with this problem is shown the attached picture. In this case, you do not need to delete the vendor, you just enable or disable the trusted status.
  2. I do not like Comodo adding a trusted vendor to the list without my knowledge or approval. When an update includes additions to the trusted vendor list, the user should be given the option to either 1) automatically add trusted vendors to the list or 2) show the user a list of the new additions and let the user assign a trusted/not-trusted status to each one before they populate the main list.

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Trust Whoop to come up with the most elegant solutions. ;D :-TU

I like the idea.

Well, seems that it’s better not having Comodo changed the user choice.

But, won’t this upset the users and reduce usability?

No, never allow ask.com and avoid toolbars, please.

Yep, you suggested the select/deselect idea a long time ago. It was a good idea then, and it’s still a good idea now!

Not at all. This is why I suggested that the user be given the option: by default, CIS could be set to automatically add trusted vendors, but the power-user can opt to review the new entries instead.

Ok. It’s good to have the option indeed. Configurability is the way to have both common and advanced users happy :slight_smile: