Unthreat Antivirus 2012 Free Edition

Unthreat Antivirus did well in Oct RAP test. I guess there was no free version. Now the site mentions free fully functional antivirus.



Anyone trying this?

I installed it. Seems light. Good signature detection. Will keep it for few days & see.


This is also discussed here:

Does it has only one realtime shield ?
Seem light as Comodo :).

UnThreat Free with latest Vipre engine 5 coming soon with few changes. UnThreat staff mentioned in the forum.


Does this play well alongside Comodo Firewall, are there any issues ???

I wonder how different between it and Vipre. Actually Vipre won’t want their program to be freeware. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t find any difference in UnThreat version 4 & Vipre 5. The only difference were few extra options in Vipre 5 not reducing the security in UnThreat 4 & the core protection being the same.

The only difference I found in Vipre 5 from security point was, this I found little strange, Vipre 5 about screen where version & database is shown there is also an option checked by default “Enable Advanced Protection/Detection of Malware”. I asked about this in UnThreat forum & the staff mentioned may be a new option added in version 5 so when UnThreat will be upgraded to version 5 it will have the option.

Just make sure to turn on “Monitor all files” under “Active Protection->Advanced” setting and “Scan all file types” under all “Scan” settings.

Today while testing UnThreat I got to know that UnThreat has disinfection technology too.

Malware folder RightClick Scan with UnThreat, in the results window I saw disinfect selected for 1 malware.

I uploaded that malware to VirusTotal & it was detected by 23 scanners. I then disinfected it with UnThreat & uploaded the disinfected one to the VT & no scanners detected it.

GR8 to know UnThreat has disinfection technology too.

Wanted to share with you guyz.


Does it have any cloud features?

??? Hi. Is Unthreat a complimentary av in that it can run alongside Comodos av ect without conflicts, or a standalone?.



Not yet.