Unshield notice

When you right click on a drive and click un-shield, a note pops up saying “All changes will become effective after reboot”. To me, thats confusing and it sounds like changes will be saved. A better note would be along the lines of “all changes will be lost after reboot”?

Or simply “DiskShield will be turned OFF after reboot.”

@Rendez2k: You are correct. It is a bit confusing.

How about a combination of the two suggestions listed above?

“DiskShield will be turned OFF after reboot. Your computer will no longer be protected.”

How does that sound? Is it clear, concise and provide clarity?

Sounds OK to me - or do you need to tell people (more new users than anything) that changes they’ve made will be lost (such as documents?)

They could (should) be saving their data to a non-shielded device.

Other then that, sounds good.

Ewen :slight_smile: