Unsecured network?

This has only happened today. I had to reboot my modem. When the PC connected to the wireless network, I had a thing pop up from Comodo saying I was connected an unsecured network, did I want to use Secure Trust and one other option. It told me that other people on the same network could see my traffic. But my wifi is secured by a password and my ISP likewise needs a logon.

What does that warning mean and why has it only popped up today?

Version 5.12.256249.2599 (I wish you could copy and paste that ■■■■■■ number!)

Any help appreciated.


Is your router is set to automatically update its firmware? When a router automatically updates it will often start without security.

Other option is that your wireless connection had a hiccup and Windows could not connect to a DHCP server. In that case it will assign an IP address in the 169 range (APIPA). Can you check the Firewall logs to see if the newly detected network was in the 169 range.

Thanks for the reply. I will do my best to address your info.

I am pretty sure the router is not set to update firmware without my say-so. It still requires a password to get onto it. Logging on to the WiFi hub shows that it is secured.

I can’t tell you what IP addresses were accessed…because my firewall shows no logged activity, for today, yesterday, the week etc. ??? AV has a log. Defense+ has a log. Nothing for the FW.


I just checked. Firewall logging is NOT disabled in CIS