Unsandboxing and firewall compatibility problems

Before I complain, let me be clear; I have LOVED Comodo products and have used them for several years in lots of different machines. But the cloud anti-virus is the worst piece of ■■■■ I have ever installed, at least from you guys. First thing I did not like is that I had to uninstall my Comodo Firewall, which is the backbone of my security setup because the Cloud AV was incompatible with it. I had to use the ■■■■■■ Windows firewall in Windows 10 that has so many back doors I had to buy welcome mats. Then when I finally got it installes it sandboxed every application I tried to install aftter it, even when I clcked on “do not sand box next time” It ignored me and kept sandboxing everything and The new apps would not install. And don’t get me started on the painfully slow scanner. This might be a good product with a lot of work, but right now it makes me want to pull out my hair.

Sorry you experienced these issues.

The repeated sandboxing issues have largely been resolved on my machine, hopefully on yours too?

I understand Comodo is working on compatibility with firewalls.

Moving to to bug reports, and renaming. I hope that is OK.

Would you be kind enough please to submit a bug report for the firewall compatibility issue, and a separate one for any remaining unsandboxing issues please?

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This may help regarding firewalls: