Unresponsive system after installation [RESOLVED]

Hello fine folks of Comodo.

First of all, I want to say thanks for the service and product you offer for free, I’ve been using it for numerous years and always felt safer.
With all that, did you ever consider having HIPS turned off by default, after Firewall is installed?
I’ve reset my laptop to factory settings today, installed all Windows updates, set up AVG antivirus, then reached out for Comodo Firewall. Then, spent about 30 minutes doing ‘hard-resets’.
Firewall didn’t show up on screen after installation, until I executed it manually. It wanted me to restart, I complied. After restarting, my laptop showed me the desktop and there were only two icons in tray: touchpad driver and Comodo. Usually it’s around 10-15. I’ve waited for like 5 minutes, nothing happened. The desktop, taskbar and pretty much everything was unresponsive. I couldn’t even use Ctrl-Alt-Del! I resorted to hard resetting. Did it like 3 times to assume that Comodo was causing it (computer was cooperating, until I’ve installed Comodo). Then I had to boot in Safe Mode, disable ‘Comodo’ startup in Task Manager. After restarting, it allowed me to open Comodo and set HIPS to ‘Disabled’. Voila - every program ‘awoke from a dream’ and started working properly…

Oh, wait.
Maybe it has to do something with this? https://forums.comodo.com/format-verified-issue-reports-cis/cis-8-cannot-be-neither-installed-nor-updated-from-cis-7-m1372-t108265.0.html;msg790583#msg790583

Looks like my guess was right. I’ve reset my PC to factory settings again, ensured I had language for non-Unicode programs set to English, installed Comodo and voila - it works like a charm!